I would WAIT, the price difference for the XL chassis is too much.
With that $250 difference I could probably buy an Omega D2-XL.

But as I mentioned, do you have the vertical clearance to install and use an XL chassis enlarger? If you do not have the vertical clearance, it is a moot point. I do not know how high the Bessler 23C-XL will be, but I would presume it would be similar to the Omega, a bit higher than 5 feet. If you can fit an XL chassis, I would go with an XL chassis. As for wall projection, you need to look at your darkroom. CAN you arrange the enlarger to easily wall project. The head of the 23C will pivot back, so as you face the enlarger, the lens will point towards you, so you will project onto the wall behind you. Other enlargers pivot so the head points to the left or right side.

You can easily drill a hole in a tray. The problem will be to keep the hole from cracking into a BIG hole. For that you will have to figure out how to install a flange onto the tray. I have not tried it, so I don't know how to do it.

You can find lower priced 2 blade easels, it is the 4 blade easels that are expensive.
Alternative is to just tape the paper onto the baseboard.

Yes, you can use a series of rinses, each rinse taking off more fixer, but it will take TIME to do. I would use the Kodak tray syphon instead.
If you use RC (resin coated) paper, the wash time will be decreased a LOT, compared to fiber paper.