Thanks! It looks like I will have to wall project sine the 23c XL will only do 16x20. So, i think i can get a 23c regular with table and times for uner $200. I don't have time to wait for a cheaper one, so I think this will do. I have a lot of space for a darkroom since we have a two car garage and only one car. I plan to enclose an area with curtains, like a tent without a top, and board up the garage, and only develop/print at night.

Another note, the work I am planning is often very surrealistic, blurred, hola-ish, and sometimes defocusing the whole image. Perfect developement is by far not my concern. But I do want to use FB paper because that is the quality standard.

And thank you very much for the warning about the tray hole. I don't know what to do about it. Like someone else noted, emptying a tray so large would not be easy... But I have the room, so using three trays is fine, it's the price that is the issue. If I can find cheaper trays used or a tray alternative like someone mentioned (I'll have to check that again), then that might be the way to go. I do like the single tray method though because it seems easier as well as cheaper.

And I am very glad to hear about the easels, but I will almost definitely be projecting onto the wall as far as I see it now.... However, I won't have an actual wall to use, since I will be in an enclosed "tent" area. I will need a standing wall of some sort. I was thinking I could find an old shelving unit, or maybe some kind of cheap tripod easel?