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Based on what you plan to do, you might want to consider sponge developing. All you need is a 1/4 inch thick (or thicker) piece of plexiglass larger than your print size. Using gutters, and gutter caps, make enough for each step (dev/stop/fix/etc.), about 2-3 inches wider than the plexiglass. You lean the plexi on an angle against a solid surface, sponging the chemistry on. It drips into the gutter, and can be used again. Use a separate sponge for each chemical. It's best if you have a different piece of plexi for each chemical, but you can make an extra gutter that you fill with water, so you can dip the plexi before moving to the next chemical, avoiding excessive contamination.
I think you'll even like the creative possibilities with this system. You're able to selectively apply the chems. Years ago, I did some bleach/toning with this method. I was purposely sloppy with the applications of bleach and toner, and the results were interesting.

Good luck with the project. I hope you show us what you come up with.
Very interesting method. Sounds a little awkward though isn't it?