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hi pioneer i brew it in a perk just as i would drink it ... 1 "scoop" / cup and an extra for the pot ..
so for my 11"cup" perkolater i put in 12 scoops ( which translates to 24 tablespoons ) .
then i let it cool a bit
then the soda
and stir
then the vit c and it foams ...

then a wee bit of ansco 130 ....
i use stock solution, or spent from 50 prints
i'm not too particular, my film is happy either way

i don't use it 1 shot like a lot of people use caffenol, but i use it until i get nervous it is dead ...
which tends to be after 3 or 4 months of continual film and print processing ...
All right. This sounds like fun.

Fresh brewed caffenol here I come. I got all the mixings except the Ansco 130. I wonder, does Photo Formulary sell Ansco 130? I'll have to go searching.

So what is the acronym for film processing acquisition syndrome?