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PKM-25 comment on the Is Kodak dead thread made me think about starting a thread about how we can promote film use and how Apug could help in promoting film and analogue photography.

1) Showing Kids, young adults and all other people the wonder of film and darkroom
2) Sending in analogue photographic works to all relevant Photomags
3) Pushing for film on professional jobs
4) Buying Film
5) Shooting lots of film
I am open for any suggestions

Over the course of the last four years or so, I have actively pursued "options" 1, 4 and 5. To wit: I have started two nephews and my lone niece in photography by providing each with a Nikon (an F2, F2 Photomic and F3HP respectively) and introduced each to the various emulsions still available. Nephew #1 is a Velvia and HP5 shooter, #2 shoots a number of Kodak C41 products as well as PanF and Delta 3200, and my lone niece is gaga over Tri-X and HP5. All are capable in the darkroom (B&W only) and all shoot regularly. And to warm the heart, nephew #1 and niece both refer to film as doing "real photography"; digital is for "fooling around" shooting stuff that really doesn't matter. BTW: all are under the age of 21.

For my own efforts, I continue to shoot film/digital (E100G/E100VS/Velvia/PanF/FP4/Tri-X/HP5) in about a 95/05 ratio (digital serving as a sort of de facto "polaroid" or sketchbook).