Hey guys! A few things I've learned about 70mm...

I label the canisters as either "film out" or "film in" and always use the same canister for the same direction, because the fibers get most damaged at being reversed... since they were only made to last for about 3 times before being thrown out, this helps to allow them to last for much longer with no light leak issues.

loading a 70mm spiral is a B!$ch!! The whole point of shooting 70mm for me is to be able to take 55 images at a time, so it's pointless to cut them up into smaller amounts, but loading that spiral is a pain and I still haven't found a good spiral loading assistant, be really careful as I've often skipped tracks and ended up with stuck together shots.

70mm seems to be MUCH more prone to scratching so I would recommend a hardening fixer.

I found Ilfsol 3 to work well as it's a fast developer (often 4-5 minutes) which cuts down on base fog, I haven't tried HC-110 yet but that's for my next experiment as it's a lot cheaper.


Polyglot you have 70mm in IR film??? Whoa, where did you score that??

Gorbas I think you're the first person I ever talked to on APUG and the reason I joined the forum, so thanks, and thanks for that really quick and easy way to use a grip to hold the reel while loading, not bad, but I don't have a dark room so I do it by hand in a bag, I'll have to try the OP's method, makes sense and seems a lot easier... I've just been lazy about going to the hardware store to buy supplies to make something like that.