Yea the 65mm 5.6 lens any of the lenses over 100mm are pretty pricey, and sometimes go for double or more than what a comparable fixed lens camera would go for!

Here are some scans of some images take with my gw690II:

The first I took at infinity, on a ~15 passenger boat on a lake, the second is a 100% crop of the center left of the 1st image. My scanner has been a bit wonky as of late and is giving me various problems with internal dust and random banding, it is a HP g4050.

The third image is close up shot, probably at the closest focusing distance on the lens, lots of detail as well.

The fourth is a shot of objects in mid range, the colors are really great and images really pop with this camera.

These were shot most likely with portra 160 nc, vc, and reala, but Ill have to check the negs to be positive. They were developed by Miller's mail out developing service.