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Them is fightin' words ....

Most of the near-current lenses for the RB (the KL/L series) are the same optics as the near-current lenses for the RZ.

And the approach to focussing is essentially the same between the RB ProSD and the last version of the RZ67.
I was actually not saying that in the "burn" way haha but it does look like that, I've just literally seen more talk about the RB bodies than the RZ. I have the RZ67 Pro II and I like the "finite" focusing knobs.

I had been told the glass on the RZ was better so I went with that thought, I was also told the Pro II could have a digital back even the non D version. And thought maybe someday I would get one or use it. That hasn't happened...

Oh well, I got it at a good price and tend not to shoot it as a night exposure camera just because its a lot lighter to take the Mamiya 7 but since they are both battery cameras, kind of stinks not to have another 120 choice.

I do like that the RZ Pro II backs don't have foam so I won't have to worry about replacing that which is a huge pain so I thank ultimately I made the right choice I guess.

Ok sorry to eat up this post.


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