I've settled on two developers:
  • PC-TEA 1+50
  • Rodinal usually @ 1+100

I mainly use PC-TEA, but for certain films like APX 100 and 400, I'll use Rodinal, depending on subject and my mood. I always use PC-TEA for sheet films in the Paterson Orbital.

However, the other day, just for a change, I souped a roll of APX 100 in Rodinal 1+50, and really liked the results.

And, as a result of trading some phenidone with a fellow Wellingtonian & Apugger (Stormpetrel), I ended up with some 510-Pyro. I dunked my other roll of APX 100 in that, diluted 1+100, and that's nice too.

So, it's two in-house plus one guest developer. Or two home-made ones and one commercial. The one thing they all have in common is very long shelf lives.

If I had to stick to just one, it'd be PC-TEA.