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Thank you all.

Well, the thing is, I read that the P's patches are mostly faded. I actually bought two P's from keh.com a long time ago and returned them because they were just too difficult to focus. I concluded that nothing can compete with an M so I dove in and I have no regrets
Do not buy rangefinders by post they do not grade them for rangefinder contrast, but by dinks on chrome.

The rangefinder of a P in shooter condition should be better then a M2 but maybe less capable then a M3 in poor light close run thing, the M2 and M3 range finders in perfrct condition. Or rather all my Canon P are (and VI is) between my M2 and M3s... Ive only even seen one Nikon SP with a poor rfdr. Note the Canon rangefinder patch is not like a Leica patch, you need to be happy with the difference.

I prefer a P to a M2s in dull light, it is quicker, did the test surprised by result, M2 are 0.72x magnification.

I only bought the Canons cause I decided insurance on the leicas was too high, to use them in risky street scenarios... (the reinsurance if you lose several M9s is astro, several of my pro friends have suffered) sold the Leica M lenses and went to CV LTM to further rationalize... kept the SC Canon lenses for their lower contrast, swap over between MC or SC at need. Loads pf people recognize the Leicas at a distance...