I realise that this paper has long since ceased manufacture, but I have come into possession of an unopened (still in cellophane) box of 100 sheets in 6.5"x8.5".
Well - it was unopened.
I printed a few sheets last night and thought how lovely it is to handle and for the tone and surface.

I'm interested to find out two things.

First, what is likely to be the closest equivalent in currently manufactured papers? (as a side comment, the dimensions are excellent for 645 or 35mm negatives; why is so much paper still manufactured in sizes suitable for normal LF aspect?)

Second, how old is my box of paper? It has a Kendal address on so I presume it must be prior to the Harman acquisition, so perhaps at least 5 years?
Attached are shots of the box markings in case that's helpful should Mr. Galley be watching ...