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When I was 7 my Dad took me camping for the first time, made me carry my own backpack with sleeping bag and supplies, [snip] even young kids can do it they just have to be taught early to carry their own weight then they can come with you
I have memories of being dragged across the Derbyshire moors in cold, wet, windy weather getting soaked to the skin.... Now that I'm a little older, it is payback time - Took mother backpacking in to Yosemite and went up Half Dome via Tenaya Lake, Sunrise, Merced & Little Yosemite. Each time I heard the immortal whine of "Are we nearly there yet ?", I would reply with "Once you've been to the top of Half Dome, you can have an icecream.."

Be nice to your children, for they get to choose your retirement home

Oh, and a 70+ granny on top of Half Dome on finding out there is no icecream kiosk there, not fun.