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lhalcong you are working against two basic problems.

One, is that it seems you are assuming "1 zone" is equal to 1 stop, that is not true. In classic zone system thought, zones are properly described by the characteristics that they will have in a print, like "shadow with detail", not a specific luminance measurement. Again in classic ZS thought a scene luminance/brightness range may be 7 stops or 14, either way there are always 11 zones.

Is there?
If luminance is 9 stops and I use N+2 delopment, should the result be 7 zones?
Or in case of N-2, 11 zones?

My unferstanding is that ZS is only a simple tool that makes it easier to modify subject tones to closer the tones of final print. Not a tool for fitting whole subject luminance to printable density area.