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I've been looking at their stuff and have heard all good things about them. I fancy the Spring Green Kid Skin for my QL17 & QL17 GIII, nice and inconspicuous for street shooting
Yeah, cameraleather is nice, but our cameras that need new cloth are not on his list. Too obscure...perhaps?

Speaking of leather: does anyone know where one can get that very special kind of papery leatherette older cameras are clad in? Microtools doesn't have it in their collection, I've talked to them before. What we're looking for is thinner, paper-based and with a fine leatherish print. I seem to remember this stuff was also used on other things than just cameras, so maybe we should be looking somewhere else than just in the camera section of the web?

Any suggestions welcome.

Cheers from the country ruled by a Harry Potter imitation (according to the Belgian foreign minister ;-0) ,