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Thanks for the directionality tip, I'll definitely do some labelling and keep it in mind! Any tips for preserving the felt in the face of the lateral motion of the film when inserting the spool into the metal cassette? Is it considered a bad idea to pry the canister open slightly to preserve the felt or does that come with other risks related to gaps forming in the corner?

The IR400 is from macodirect, and when I say "I have" what I really mean is "it's in the post and I expect to take delivery this week". I got it because IR820 is discontinued and no longer available at a reasonable price and while I have most of a decade's worth in 4x5, I only had 9 rolls left in 120 and it's my favourite landscape film. IR400 isn't as nice IMHO, but it will have to do.

While I'd love a proper long-roll 70mm spiral, it seems either the prices are silly (Jobo, especially the 15-foot 3xxx version) or they're near-impossible to use. The 220-spiral approach works well for me for now as long as I have a reliable way of marking 20-frame boundaries and therefore not wasting a bunch of film on cassette changes. Loading the 220 spirals (for Jobo 2xxx tanks) is no problem.

I've just started feeding the 2405 into my scanner now.
I wast aware there was a JOBO that took 15ft of 70mm hmm is that a processor style or hand developer tank?

Also I would think the 70mm would have more issues with IR light leak than normal film... But I could be wrong.

I would also suspect the prying open of the cassette would cause light leak issues and defeat the purpose of the felt when you want to change a roll out of the back in daylight.

I haven't had any issues now that I've labeled the direction and stuck to that. But I started with never used cassettes so I started ahead of the game.

I get frustrated with 70mm, I've considered selling the lot... And moving on, and then of course I just bought a graflock 70mm back for a 4x5 so now I'm all in... :shrug:


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