CHS 100 II PET .jpg

Dear APUGers,

because stocks on old CHS 100 are running low and we are sold out in first formats, I wanted to let you know that we are about to release a new version of CHS 100.
We are very excited to announce a new film which will be available in all sheetfilm formats just like the old CHS 100.
The emulsion is already being made and coating is sheduled for April/Mai. After that we need to confection the new film which might take longer than expected as it is a new material and we work with it for the first time.

One of the reasons why CHS 100 had to be discontinued in 2012 was the unavailability of the spectral sensitizer (apart from other economic reasons).
We have tried to match CHS 100 II as closely as possible to the old film featuring:

  • a rock solid classic emulsion system which has been out there for decades
  • a sensitization close the one of the old CHS 100
  • a single layer emulsion
  • the same base material including the option of reversal processing
  • an optimized backside coating to fully prevent light piping (improvement)
  • a special anti halation layer between the emulsion and base for enhanced sharpness (improvement)
  • a full set of formats from 35mm to ULF including 120
  • a state of the art cascade coating avoiding all problems associated with older CHS100 productions (improvement)

The new film is manufactured in Germany and thus upgraded to our professional line.
Prices need to be adapted within reason but the film has also many improvements and will have a higher quality then the old CHS 100.
We will also be able to offer an even wider range of formats with lower MOQ´s.

Best regards,