This has been posted in the Great Lakes Region of APUG, but I also want it to have wider appeal, so forgive me for posting it again here under workshops.

You might know of the Photostock event I run each summer in Northern Michigan. In fact, you may have joined us there. Originally started in 10 acres of woods I own near Cross Village, Michigan the event has grown a lot since the start in 2006 and we now gather at a country motel in the area. It is a great time and has become one of the highlights of my year to see everyone and share work and ideas.

A long time goal of mine has been to have a permanent, photographic workshop facility and retreat so that we can expand the idea of Photostock and bring in some of the best out there in the photography world to teach not only in summer, but throughout the year. I've considered making temporary modifications at the motel, but this came with its own set of challenges.

What I am now doing is planning a permanent facility to be built on my property where the original gatherings were held. And to get there, I have taken the dream to Kickstarter in an attempt to raise the needed funds to have the structure completed. What I am hoping is that you'll have a look at the campaign and consider lending a hand in getting it done. I am offering a host of rewards that range from a new book published solely for this project for a $35 pledge as well as books, original prints and workshops for a variety of pledge points. I hope you'll check it out, have a look at the promotional video and give some thought to pledging. So far the outpouring of generosity has been stunning and we are already 63% of the way to our goal at this writing. However, as incredible as that is, we are still a good distance from a successful finish.

I feel like this would be a great addition to the photo community located in a beautiful place to relax and concentrate on your work and I hope you will give some thought to lending your support.


Thank you!

Bill Schwab

PS. I'd also like to ask that you help spread the word out there as the more people that can be interested, the better. It would be a huge help and I would be most grateful. - http://kck.st/WZHlmU