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Looks pretty nasty inside. I'm guessing the orange/yellow coating all over the inside (some sort of fluid leaked out all over the place?).

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Is the big thing in the middle the capacitor in question, or is that the transformer?

I found a laptop power supply listed at best buy that is 19V, 100W for something like $30. Might be an easier way to go, I'm thinking? If the output is controlled enough to not fry a computer, I imagine it would be ok for enlarging too?

Actually, it looks very simple for an enlarger power supply. That is a ferro-resonant transformer (the big thing with brown coil windings), which works with the capacitor (the other thing) to regulate the voltage. These capacitors frequently fail, and my guess is that was what happened. You can probably replace it easily, but the value (microfarads and voltage) is critical, and you need to replace it with something with the same ratings. As for the computer power supply, it looks like that would work fine. Your enlarger does not seem to have any strange circuitry, just a regulated power supply and a lamp. Before you buy the supply though, check to be sure the power wiring goes righ to the lamp and that there are no additional electronics in the enlarger. If there are, you may need the regulated ac supply, not the dc you get out of the computer supply. You may be able to find a local electronics hobbyist of ham radio operator who can help you.