If you really want something that is more portable, I think that you may want to consider a Fuji GA645zi or other Fuji fixed lens cameras. I have a Hasselblad kit and the Fuji 645zi when I want portability. I sometimes miss the close focus capability, but the Fuji is really a remarkable camera. The lens quality is as good as any fixed prime lens....really. The lens is slow, but with the leaf shutter, you can hand hold it down to 1/15 on a good day. The only thing I don't like about it is that it is noisy....focus and film advance. Still a great beast. This is about $5-700 on KEH. The Bronica 645 rangefinder seems nice too, but a bit less common, although I see KEH has one now.
All that said, you wouldn't be disappointed in the Pentax either.