Here I'm selling three wonderful lenses. They've all just come back from a CLA from Miles Whitehead so they are in top notch condition inside out.
Only selling since I'm in need of cash for unexpected expenses.
I live in Denmark, but ship worldwide.
I've sold a few things here and a lot of stuff on ebay with 100% feedback rating (username: mads_hartmann)

Here's a Link to pictures of Everything I'm selling:

First up there's the Zuiko 85mm f2. This is quite an early lens. This renders wonderfully and is one of the best portrait lenses there is for 35mm.
Miles Whitehead cleaned this lens up as best as possible. There's still some dust in the lens that couldn't be cleaned out (it's between cemented elements) but all in all it's very clean, and most importantly it wont affect the performance of the lens.
The only slight minus is that there are three tiny hairline scratches on one of the edges of the front element. It's so far close to the edge of the lens that it wont affect anything (even if it was at the center it wouldn't affect anything but that's another story). I guess most people wouldn't even notice it, but I think it should be mentioned. Cosmetically it's ok, but there's some paint loss on the aperture ring.
I would like 150 pounds for this lens.

Next up is a wonderful and quite rare Fujinon-T 100mm f2.8 lens m42. This is one of those great hidden secrets, and I personally think it's just as good as the Zuiko.
This lens is in perfect condition. Glass is great with no dust in the lens. Focus is buttery smooth. The only slight minus is that the former owner of this lens engraved his social security number on the lens barrel (see pictures).
Luckily it's on the underside of the lens so you never really see it.
I would like 150 pounds for this lens as well (the last one I saw sold for 180 pounds).

Last but not least there's the legendary Super Multicoated Takumar 50mm f1.4.
This lens is also in perfect condition. It looks practically unused. Glass is perfect. The Focus is buttery smooth.
This is just one of those great 50mm lenses. There is some slight yellowing present but if it bothers you, you can put it under a strong UV light source for a couple of days and it will clear right up.
I would like 130 pounds for this lens.

I take paypal only. Please mark payment as gift, or add 3% to the final price to help cover the fees.
All prices given are without shipping.
I ship worldwide. I will only ship with tracking. It's a little more expensive but is safer for everybody.