I'm in need of cash so I've cleaned out the camera cabinet to sell of the things I don't need/use.

First of there's a Black Canonet QL17 GIII:


This camera was CLA'd by the ebay seller Cupog. He didn't do a super great job. The light meter works, the lens is clean and clear, speeds are spot on. The finder is clean and clear with good contrast of the rangefinderspot.
Unfortunately the aperture ring is stuck on f1.7 and the rangefinder focuses slightly past infinity. If this camera didn't have these problems is could probably sell it for up to 200 pounds.
I planned to have this repaired in the UK by someone like Michael Spencer or Miles Whitehead (it would maximum cost 45 pounds, but probably less since freeing the aperture ring and realigning the rangefinder is quite easy and quick for a competent repairman like the two above mentioned gentleman).
I'm asking 50 pounds plus shipping. That means that in the end after a trip to the repairman you've still made a good deal.

Next up is an electro-spotmatic. This camera needs a CLA. The good news is the the light meter works, and seems accurate. The bads news is the needle in the viewfinder is stuck, so you can't see what speeds it choses.
The light seals and the mirror bumper is shot, so it will need replacing. I would send this to someone like
As can be seen here:


This camera has led a full life, so there's quite a bit of brassing. I will let this camera go for free! You only pay for shipping.

Next up is a Pentax SP1000. This camera actually works. The light meter is accurate. The shutter speeds seem to be accurate (even the slow ones). And as can be seen from the link above cosmetically it's in great condition as well.
The light seals and mirror bumper will need to be replaced though. Ideally I would send this of for a CLA.
I would like to get 25 pounds for this plus shipping.

Last but not least there's a slighty rare fujinon EBC coated 28mm f3.5 with it's original case and lens hood (this one is very rare):


The lens itself is in beautiful condition. The glass is very nice focus is smooth and cosmetically it's very nice as well.
Unfortunately there's some oil on the aperture blades, so this lens will need a CLA to get it up to 100% percent working condition. This lens is tiny. It uses 49mm filters. It's very very sharp.
Considering that it comes with the rare lens hood
I would like to get 35 pounds for this.

If someone buys both the SP1000 and the Fujinon 28mm f3.5 I will include a 55mm super takumar f1.8 free of charge (this lens focuses smoothly and has great glass, but the aperture ring is stiff to turn)

I take paypal only. All prices given are without shipping. Please mark payment as "gift", or add 3% to the final price to help cover the fees.
I ship worldwide.
I will only ship with tracking. It's more expensive but safer for everybody.