Hi everybody. I'm in need of cash for sudden unexpected expenses, so I've cleaned out the the camera cabinet for things I don't need/use.

I've always wanted to have an exakta kit, but never got around to getting the actual camera.

I bought the following as a lot a couple of years ago, but have never used it.

Here's pictures of everything I'm selling:


The two most interesting items are the Biometar 80mm f2.8 and the flektogon 35mm f2.8. The biometar is very rare in native exakta mount.
Both of these lenses will need a CLA to get them in perfect working condition. There are no scratches in the glass, but both lenses have quite a bit of haze inside of them.
The focus on the biometar is actually ok, but it could be a lot smoother. The aperture is working ok.
the focus on the Flektogon is very stiff and the plastic ring surrounding the focusing mecanism is also loose. The aperture works ok.
Considering the rarity of the Biometar I would like to get 90 pounds plus shipping for it.
I would like to get 40 pounds plus shipping for the Flektogon.

I will let go of the Domiplan for free to the first persons who buys either the Flektogon or the Biometar.
Surprisingly the Domiplan is in quite good condition. There's no haze inside it, alhough there's quite a bit of dust. The aperture works great and the focus is quite smooth!
Are rare thing indeed.

Next there's a Novoflex bellows with a 100mm f3.5 novoflexar attached. This is an exakta mount. the rails will need to be cleaned and maybe have a little bit of silicone lube sprayed on them, as the focusing mecanism is quite stiff.
This is also relatively rare. I would like to get 35 pounds plus shipping for this.

Last but not least there's some exakta bits. An exakta prism and some original exakta extension tubes. There're also some body caps.
I would like to get 15 pounds for the lot.

I take paypal only. All prices quoted are without shipping. Please mark payment as gift or add 3% to the final price, to help cover the fees.
I ship world wide.
I only ship with tracking. It's more expensive but safer for everybody.