In my opinion it's unlikely that in a film revival, you would take business from the digital world, but compliment it. I suspect that most of the members here also shoot digital. For myself, I use digital for color and film for monochrome. Maybe my partial color blindness has to do with that.

Part of the lure for me is the darkroom aspect of shooting film. I get little pleasure shooting anything and sending it to the lab, save maybe slides and since KodaChrome is gone, I have lost interest in that.

If you have any friends even remotely interested in photography, talk up film and put a film loaded camera in their hands to try. If you have access to a darkroom, get them in it to develope and print the film.

If you have children or grandchildren, show them the magic. I've been buying and cleaning up some old (but good, reliable) 35mm cameras to give to my grandchildren as they get to the proper age.

While slightly off topic a bit, we have to encourage the manufactures to continue producing our products. As much as it pains me to say this, maybe by chasing the lowest priced products (surplus, discontinued products, etc) we may be discouraging the top manufactures from continuing manufacturing.

Along the same lines, if you have a local camera shop, please support them by purchasing from them if you can afford to do so. I just got back into film a few months ago because of encouragement from my local camera shop. I was purchasing a Nikon D800 (sorry digital) camera from them. In passing, I asked the young sales lady where I might dispose of my old unused darkroom equipment and commented it probably wasn't worth anything since film was dead. She (God bless her) said, why don't you start using it again, saying they carried supplies and that the schools still use film in photography classes - and here I am.

So that leads to another idea. If you can find any local schools with photography classes that don't cover film, why not volunteer to come in during a class or two to put on a demo or demos?

Last (I promise) would your local newspaper be interested in an article about film still being alive? That might be ironic given the way newspapers are dying!