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OP, GRHazelton's summary is well worth reading. I think he has summed up the 645N in a very readable way

I think the only point I would add is that the AF can be a little slow when attempting to take pics of kids between say toddling age and when they will at least stop for a second and listen to you.This is the perpetual and unpredictable motion age My experience of snapping a very lively granddaughter is limited but the AF often failed to keep up. The 645N will take great negs in this kind of shooting but just be prepared for a few focus failures in the way that might not happen with a F5 and AF lens

Thanks for the kind words! I can't comment on the AF, since I have no AF lenses. The focus indicator in the VF is handy, although for those of us who grew up before AF the enormous VF on the 645 cameras makes focussing, and with luck, follow focussing not too much of a crap shoot. I wonder if the sheer size of 645 AF lenses makes AF for moving targets more difficult.