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While I don't recommend a new printer to start with large prints, it only makes sense for the OP to try large prints in an economical way. The truth is, unless he starts with smaller prints, I think he'll be frustrated with the issues he encounters at the size he wants to print. Offering work-arounds for costlier options is hardly "hillbilly". In his case it's common sense.
I hear you and I don't necessarily disagree but I also know that when I started printing a bit over a year ago, I tried the less costlier things and it got exhausting at times to not get what I wanted out of my prints. Once I realized that the right tools like a $200 Jobo 3063 drum and a motor base would produce flawless, consistent and beautiful prints that I could sell and I would enjoy the process far more, the term cut to the chase made me never want to cheap out on the process ever again.

We are all different, I do this for a living and want pro results every single time...