Thanks again for the very helpful suggestions. I have a bit to think about with the several different options. Right now I'm trying to acquire a Beseller 23c regular and will need to use one of the alternative mounting solutions mentioned here.

I will definitely, of course, be working my way up to probably 20x20 for now, or a similar size. Actually, I don't even know the standard printing size for 6x6 at the moment. But I would like to be printing around at least 20x20 for an upcoming collection I hope to show in local galleries.

Those garden/Ikea trays are a really great sounding option.

That syphoning method sounds like a good option, but I was a little lost on the description. I'm sure it want't the posters fault, but as I mentioned, I am mechanically illiterate to a great degree; which makes this whole project quite a challenge.

I know most people love working with Jobo's, but I actually don't like working with Jobo's and motors much (even if i had the money to spend) since I like handling the print for some reason. I used that method for developing 8x10 negs for a short time and soon went back to tray development which i mush preferred simply because i like handling the film/print.