I am reducing the number of Bronica items I have. I would never sale all of them given their great lens etc., but it is time to make me some room. For sale is a Bronica EC-TL camera body (works great), its matching silver highlighted 6x6 back, and a view finder prism, and a 150mm Bronica f3.5 Zenzanon lens. If you need a neck strap for this camera, one can be added for $25 (it is one of the original Bronica leather straps that fit the EC and EC-TL bodies.

The 150mm lens has a small amount of old fungus web around the edge of the front glass, but the glass is otherwise clean and what is there will not adversely affect images, especially is you stop down the aperture. It has an original Bronica metal/screw on lens cap.

The view finder has some minor black lines where I believe the mirror's silver is gone. However, it doesn't impede the use of the finder and by design would not affect any pictures taken.

The ground glass is the the metered gg and I have 2 extra metered ground glasses for the EC-TL body which will be included in the purchase price if buyer purchases all items for $525 plus shipping etc.

The EC-TL shutter speeds are 1/1000 of a second to 4 seconds. . The Bronica EC-TL also has an aperture priority exposure control. This is a system that allows you to select the desired aperture, whereby the camera will then set a proper shutter speed automatically. This Bronica film camera also comes with good exposure value (EV) range for low lighting, with an ISO light sensitivity range from 25 to 3200.

The Bronica EC-TL is built to use any Bronica lens made for the S through EC-TL series. Those range from 40mm through 1200mm. Extension tube sets for the Bronica this 6x6 system will work with the EC-TL.

Asking $500 plus shipping/paypal fees (if paid for in that manner) or US Postal Money Order. Percentage of sale proceeds go to APUG. Let's recap----$525 if you want all and the strap and includes 2 extra metered ground glasses for the Bronica EC-TL body.
If you want the group without the strap $500
If you want only the EC-TL body, then $450. Add shipping etc. to purchase price.
Let me know if you have any questions etc., then send me a pm or email me.

Thanks. Jon