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Thank you for kind words Stone NY! Also for good tip for labelling cassettes. As for Maco films, photographer from Finland, who pushed me in the direction to use 70mm film with Hasselblad, Jukka Watanen, http://www.flickr.com/photos/40146285@N08/ is their official dealer. So far I didn't order any films from them thru Jukka or directly. I was lucky to buy 70mm processing reel as old stock in local camera store. Next time I'm in their neighbourhood will check do they have any more of them left.
As somebody raised on Paterson reels, I found loading this metal 70mm reel not that challenging. Not more than any other 35 or 120 metal reel. As soon as I have secured beginning of the roll, rest of loading is easy.
StoneNY, what kind of reel are you using?
Well, keep shooting Guys!
Thanks, some kind of SS spiral...

Made a custom daylight tank with a JOBO hand tank and a store pot that fits exactly the size of the spiral, but the spiral is really hard to load, it doesn't look like the metal spun is perfectly even and so it skips tracks :/ I'm afraid to touch the film as I don't know how fingerprint oils affect film but if I could I could feel the feeding better but I can't so sometimes I skip tracks and everything gets messed up.


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