For sale, a 5x7 Gundlach Korona wooden field camera with extension rail (numbers match) and 4x5 back. Metal parts are generally nice looking, and wood is solid. Bellows are stiff, and had pinholes when I got the camera. A couple of years ago, I painted them with Tulip fabric paint (matte black) and they were light tight then. They may need some touch up. I certainly wouldnt trust them to full extension.

The standards move well on the rails but the back one skips a bit on the transition - the metalwork looks a bit bowed so it might be possible to improve. I never saw the need. The screw that locks the front rail to the center isnt attached - there was probably a snap ring holding it on but thats no longer there. The one on the extension rail is properly captured.

$150 + shipping (size/weight might make anythingbut CONUS prohibitive)

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IMG_8693 by Fotoguy20d, on Flickr