Thanks for the plug F-major.
sorry I took so long, had a few family things to take care of.

To change the bellows..
fire the camera so the mirror is up
extend the front standard all the way out
now with the camera looking up at you (sit it on a foam pad)
there are 4 screws, one at each corner, on the body side of the bellows take em all out
To get the 7 other screws on the lens mount side you have to go from inside so now you cna turn the camera over so you are looking through the back.

Using a long #000 crosspoint, undo all 7 tiny screws.. you may have to lift the bellows up to see each side as you unscrew.

Once the screws are all out; all that holds it in now is rotted foam.

Gentle push n a lift her here n there n it is out!

putting in the new bellows is jsut the reverse but first replace all the rotted foam with new.. it is the very thin foam.

hope this was helpful.