Very nice Richard. I like the sound of that, although I won't have a bathroom to work in. Still, I know I could figure out a similar option. But I am leaning towards the single tray syphoning method.

Also, I just decided, after looking at paper sizes readily available, that I am going to aim to print 40x40, or 42x42 (Same thing essentially). Since the rolls come in 42.5x33. The cost of the FB paper is very reasonable. I am going to start out printing 20x20. Then move up to some cheap Arista VC 42x33 roll. Then, I will make my final prints on some 42x33 FB paper.

I'm now thinking vertical projection will be impossible with this size and I will need a horizontal set-up.

I have the space fortunately, even for the large tray. So, that is great. I know jumping right into 20x20 might be a little stretch, but those are all just practice sheets (10 sheets). Then, I will do a whole roll of 42x33 solely for practice. I think this is very sufficient. As I said before, I don't need "perfect" results. But, I am not planning on dodging and burning much, if at all, so that is another difficulty out of the way. Also, I will only be printing one size to make it more simple for me (42x42).

I am considering making some simple frames myself, but I wonder if the cost savings will be worth it considering that I will need to buy all of the tools to start. I really like the idea, and I don't think it would be too time consuming to make a simple frame.