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I've never used the WL finder for my LX, but i have my father's AsahiFlex which of course had WL Not fun for normal shooting, the only use I could imagine for one would be for really low-level work, and for that I'd much prefer the RF converter, or the combo ChrisPlatt suggests, or the FD-1. Have a look at this for a survey of the goodies: http://www.pentaxforums.com/accessor...ewfinders.html
Oops! I should have typed FE-1, not FD-1. I have the FE-1, and its fine for ground level work, unless you want to shoot a vertical! I'd still suggest the RF converter for general use. Be careful! There were at least 2 versions, one for the older cameras and one for the later; the one that fits the LX will also fit the ME and the MX. Watch for the one which features a switchable 2x magnifier. Really helps.

Oddly, that finder will also fit the Olympus OM series, at least the OM-10, which is how I discovered the interchangeability. Have fun!