The problem I have with TLR cases is that you need to remove them to change film. And in doing this, you need to spread the sides at the bottom in order to clear the lower spool knob. On old cases, the threads rip here first. Plan on re-stitching the case within the first few months.

Also DO NOT use the original leather strap on the case. I lost a Rolleicord to one of the old straps giving way and sending the camera to the sidewalk. Replace any strap unless it is obvious that it is recent. As I remember, Rollei cases need rivets for the strap. Some cases , like Yashica-Mat ones, have loops for straps securely riveted into place. Check this out, as you'll need to do a rivet or get one done.

One major item to change over the years on Rolleis is the size of the focus knob. If your camera's is smaller than the opening, no problem, of course.

The Loewpro Adventura 120 case is great for TLRs. The camera fits snugly, inlcuding with the lens hood in place, and a little room for accessories. I use it to carry my Rolleiflex in my knapsack, on my bicycle, etc. $25 or so from B&H.