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Starting around 1989 or so I've owned in order an FE2, FM2, N70, N60, F80s, and N90. Sold all off thru the years and went Contax SLR for color work and the Zeiss glass. About a year ago got an F3 for an awesome low price and then an FM2 too. Missed the Nikon and rediscovered the wonder of 1960's F-era glass particularly for b&w work, which is 98% of my work now (the 105/2.5 and 50/2 are simply heaven in my eyes). On a whim a gorgeous black F2 showed up on APUG last year and I bit. My god I love my F2. Was not prepared for how
awesome it is. Got two of them now (black and chrome). It's like the Leica body of the Nikon line up.

Now reading this seems I might have to try an F!
Uh oh, me too. My F2S has been my number one camera for a couple of years now; I got it restored by Mr. Wong and it (along with its MD1 attached and 18mm f/4 welded on) is my most prized possession. But I have yet to shoot with or even handle an F1 (I like to call it the F1 for grammar's sake).

Just looking at photos of the F and F2 side by side, the latter looks pretty much the same, except maybe a little refined. The specifications of the two cameras tell a similar story: more or less identical, but with the F2 showing logical, linear progression. But I know how sound, reasonable changes may or may not actually improve a camera. On the F3, for example, many of the tweaks made from the F2 make perfect sense, and I can appreciate them, but I can just as easily do without them. And some of the features of the F3 were poorly implemented and are a step backwards (like the viewfinder illuminator, the non-standard hot shoe that for some ungodly reason is different from the non-standard hot shoe of the F/F2, the fact that the stupid meter won't work until you wind to frame 1).

I know for sure the position of the shutter release button on the F1 wouldn't bother me, but I do worry about having to remove the whole back for loading film. And there's the mirror lockup procedure, but I wouldn't need to do it very often....

I dunno, I suppose I ought to just snatch one up sooner rather than later, before all the good ones have been taken.