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Starbucks is actually pretty strong compared to most other places... but yes I've drank coffee the cowboy method.. throw grinds in a cup, throw hot water in a cup, drink ... grinds and all ... puts hair on your chest!
Close, but not quite. You put water and a handful of coffee grounds in a small, tin pot. Put that on the fire and start it cooking. Now you start your bacon and eggs, but put the eggshells to the side. Once the bacon and eggs are finished the coffee pot should be boiling good. Take it off the fire, throw the eggshells in to settle the grounds and take a touch of the bitter off, then pour into your tin cup.

I drank my coffee this way at home for years. The tin cup was reserved for camping trips but the coffee was made the same whether it was on the kitchen range or over a campfire. I think its also know as hobo brew. Puts coffee from a french press to shame.