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Ohh this forum is a wonderful thing!

I can't tell you folks how much I appreciate all the advise.

One of my jobs involves replacing industrial sump pumps, built about three times as heavy as home use units. I end up with a pile of running pumps that are not quite good enough to re-use but should work perfectly well to pump out a darkroom sink sump. I'm going to have a sink after all!
Yes!! My darkroom is in a mostly finished basement in a corner where the waste water pipes are. I had a laundry sink installed with a "Little Giant" up pump and it's been completely satisfactory for water use as long as I don't run water above 100+ degrees for more than a minute or two. When I first used the pump, I often ran scalding water to clean trays etc. and that ruined the membrane that triggered the pump. After getting a new pump, I had learned my lesson, and all has been well since. Good luck!