I love analog & Acurol's my main developer. It's so much better than old Rodinal. The photos look great. When I'm in the US, I order from SPUR direct. I send an email to Heribert Schain (schain@spur-photo.com), pay in advance, and they'll send it all in no time. 1 bottle Acurol will go a long way. I develop nearly like 170 or so 35 mm films with that, and that saves me a lot of money. I order 4 250 ml bottles at 18.60 = ca. 25 $ each. So 4 big bottles cost about 100 $. Shipment's 16.90 , and that's about a little less than 23 $. Stock up on that stuff, pay a little over 123 $ overall, develop up to 800 (= eight hundred) 35 mm films with that as it's super dilutable, and the photos are so deck: sharp and stylish. I don't use anything else.

Love from Hipsterella