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This is covered in the discussion in different ways and from different angles, but okay, let's define "perfect" for the discussion then: A picture representing the actual conditions of the situation in the most realistic and technically optimal way possible.
"Representing the actual conditions of the situation" is tricky. Here's two ways of describing how cold it is outside: 8 degrees F or 'so cold your nostrils stick together when you breathe in'. You might say the most accurate and realistic way of describing the temperature is by 8 degrees Farenheit, but that is actually describing what mercury does in an arbitrarily numbered container, and doesn't actually communicate any information about how cold it is to me, unless I remember that last time it was 8 F, it was so cold my nostrils stuck together. You're actually adding in an extra step to communicating the temperature when you use Farenheit or Celsius. They are very helpful descriptors, but not more realistic.
Sometimes the less scientific and less technical description is more accurate and more realistic. Which would be my argument for blur being perfect in the truck photo - there was a lot of motion and vibration at the time, your technically optimal photograph would be less realistic, wouldn't it?

Just appreciate the art for what it is, and take what you can from it.
That's what we're working on. Don't get so uppity about our art criticism.