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Curiosity, it started with me finding it very odd, and a bit sad, that documentary photographs were produced with a far from "perfect" process. I'm not driving this to categorize or put things in boxes, I try to understand and find the origin to this in a bigger picture, philosophy, history, etc.

And as artists indeed have artistic freedom, philosophers can enjoy the freedom to discuss and speculate, right?

You can philosophize all you want. I am a natural born devil's advocate, because I usually think in different terms. There is a very large percentage of the audience that view photographs that don't care about process at all. The only thing they care about is the picture.

So, my question is: Why does it matter so much whether a picture is in focus or not? Why does it matter so much that there is grain or not?
The point being: It is possible to look beyond the surface of the print, and look further into the picture and discover it by other criteria. There's emotion, memories, social aspects, the photographer's intent, history, etc. In my opinion those aspects are far more important.