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Thinking of selling my Leica M2 and the voigtlander 40mm for a 645 medium format.
Why sell them? If you are patient and depending on what you get you should be able to get a pretty good MF SLR rig for $300 or less. An ETRSI with speed grip, metered prism, and 75mm PE lens should be about $300 on a certain auction site.

Medium format is different from 35mm. I shoot mostly medium format but I still keep a 35mm camera handy. If you don't need a high degree of automation I would go with the Bronica ETRSI and try and get it at a good price point. If you get it at a reasonable price you will be able to sell it without much of a loss if you change your mind or if you decide to move up in formats or get a camera with more automation.