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Although I think producers should indicate exactly what kind of meat is contained in their lasagne/burgers etc. I would like to spend a word in favour of horse meat.

In my country, horse meat is the typical thing that a doctor would prescribe to a weak child. When I was a child (that was not yesterday) you could easily find horse meat at butchers.
I personally don't eat any meat. However, if you are going to eat pigs, sheep and cows, I don't see how a horse is any different.

The main problem with the horse meat in supposed beef products is just the fact that it shouldn't be there and is not included on the ingredients.

It's quite common to have strange ingredients in things. My son bought some pork sauasages from a supermarket a few years ago which contained 75% chicken. Whilst this also does not sound right for something which is supposed to be pork, it was listed on the ingredients label.