I have two Mamiya 6's and love them to death. As many know on here, I couldn't recommend this camera enough. But that is because it fits my style of shooting perfectly, and the square format is awesome. The "winder problem" is a bit overrated. As long as you're careful when advancing and have the camera CLA'd every few years it will be fine. Same for the build quality. Other Mamiya 6/7 owners would agree with me that these are tough cameras, not as tough obviously as a Leica or Hassy, but what exactly are you planning to do with these cameras? Don't we treat all our cameras with care? I've never used a Makina. They do look interesting, but I find one lens too limiting. The 6 has 3 perfectly spaced focal lengths that are super sharp. My only gripe with the 6 is that the meter takes getting used to. I've found on mine that I set it one stop slower than the ISO I want. So If I want to shoot at EI400 I'll set the meter on the camera to 200. I find the Bronica RF645 to be the best all around MF RF there is, but that's not related to this thread.