Typical, I can no longer edit the original post :P

I am not sure how your camera will work, you should do some research to check how the dissembling procedure is
(you don't want to risk a spring or something jumping out that you can never get back into place for example)

Anyway, here are some very crappy iullustrative photos, I did this now, just to show how I did it.

Front removal points (sliders and knobs can be poked loose by a small screwdriver)

Removal of back, note that one need to lift the lever pointed out with the red arrow to be able to lift the back off.

This is how the tape is supposed to be attached to the back (I did it a bit loosely for the photos here, but it should be as tight and as "film like" as possible).

Tape attached to the ground-glass

Shining trough from the back, trough the tape and towards the wall.

How the holes apear on the wall, quite a bit of detail to focus on.

Light the ground glass and adjust the viewing lens and you should be set.

Sorry for the crappy photos, was taken with my iphone, but I suppose it gets the message across. ^_^