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Are you sure the correct batteries were installed, and that they were fresh, i.e., not subject to long shelf storage? The correct batteries for the OM4-T are SR44W and equivalent, including the now-discontinued Energizer 357. Alkaline or other types of "compatible" batteries can cause the type of behaviour you mention.

FWIW, I would send the the camera to John at Camtech and get an estimate as well as a price for selling the body to John as a parts camera. John buys OM bodies for spares/parts, and he is a fair person, in my experience.


Well, I bought the same original silver oxides types that were in there before when the camera was working ... S76 and still, it was not a happy stable camera. Went to a local repair shop (formerly a authorized repair depot) with the camera and tried a few other different batteries (other than the S76 from another place) and still the same irrational results. It must just want to retire . I hate to part with anything so it will have a nice place being a bookend for now