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I drink coffee while developing film in either D76 1:1, or ID11 1:1. I sip scotch while developing prints in Ilford Paper Developer. Thankfully, no one has found that single malt will develop anything other than a nice, gentle buzz. ;-))
Haha oh man! I suppose you could use it as a wetting agent though, but it would be such a terrible waste! Lol

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hey pioneer
my grandmother used to tell me that is how she made her coffee for the church ladies
with eggshells to clear the grounds but she used an urn, not a tin cup
if you ever have any cardamom drop it in your cup instead of eggshells, it works great for taking the bitter off too,
and it won't raise your cholesterol

stone, starby's only TASTES strong because the beans have released oils, it really
has very little caffeine because roasting kills it.
your stand brew sounds pretty tasty though
It's pretty good, and cheap! It's $12, anyone who's interested it also makes tea

It's called an H2JO haha



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