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I just measured the opening on this holder and it is closer to 6x8 than 6x9. The horseman holder that I had (sold yesterday) is a true 6x9. Graflex called this holder a RH8. I shot a lot of 6x7 (pentax 67) and liked the size of this negative in that I could use. a 6x7 negative carrier in most cases. Framing with a RFH is not as precise as an SLR like a Nikon's 100% viewfinder.

Stone, I take it that you no longer shoot 35 mm as that is a 2:3 image ratio like 6x9.

Thanks all for the lovely bump ;-) and this holder is still for sale!
Yea I haven't shot 35mm in a long time because if that, basically a year ago was the last time when I bought my Mamiya RZ67... Though I do shoot 35mm panoramics in my Mamiya 7 but you sort of plan for custom frames with panoramics...

Oh and experimenting with developers, when I'm experimenting
with a new developer or cross process I shoot 35mm but don't plan to use that for print.

No I'll let someone else have it thanks.

And *bump*


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