it makes me wonder if the folks who "peaked" at a young age
were still photographing and making photographs their entire life
or if they got busy with other thing and tapered off ... and the people
who "peaked" later in life, if they started late, or just continued photographing every chance
they got until the very end.

photography like anything else is a something that requires
practice. people often times get good at what they do, sometimes they venture out
and do something "new" and their comfortability with a camera ( or darkroom, or stylistically )
bleeds into everything they do, and others well, they just take a photograph from time to time while they try to do other things
to makes a living. a lot of people who are commercial photographers, assignment photographers, portrait photographers
their "art" becomes their work, or the other way around, but they do it day in and day out ... and they get great at what they do ...
do they peak early or late or they just plateau ?