It seems my "hunter-gatherer" instincts are running amok these days and I keep getting a hold of large format equipment, now I'm about to have a second 9X12 camera, this time with a functioning film holder and maybe even some extra film (already got a pack of 200 ISO Europan). So if the equipment is in order I just might be able to shoot some large format in not too long a time.

Only question remains, what do I do to get a real print out of it?

It seems like there's no good lab in all of Scandinavia for high quality prints, and I'm not sure if I can settle for just the contact prints if I get any good images out of it.

So I'll go ahead and ask that silly question that's probably been asked so many times before - what do I need for print here? Are there special enlargers for large format?

I've seen in movies and documentaries about Ansel Adams that enlargers back in the day were often mounted horizontally and not vertically like roll film enlargers - are there possibilities of using the same enlarger if I get the right enlarger lens or what?

Sorry if I'm too rash to do my homework before I ask this question, I just thought I'd put this out there first and see what happens.