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Does it have to be a SLR? If you want a lightweight camera with good lenses for landscape, the Mamiya 6 or 7 might be worth a try. Since you already have a Leica I assume you may like the rangefinder?
For landscapes, a Pentax 6x7 with a 45 and/or 55 to me just makes a lot more sense than a Mamiya 6 or 7. In terms of cost there will be a big difference, and in terms of suitability too. Landscapes without a near foreground to me look somewhat one-dimensional, and therefore one would try to get close subjects in to give dimension. The problem with rangefinders is exact framing with close subjects. Of course this can probably be learned through practice, but I would prefer to use an SLR for such work. Of course there are many that will differ from me in this respect. An advantage of the Pentax system is that it can be expanded with many more lenses, at a much lower cost than the Mamiya rangefinders. The Mamiya lens range is much more restricted, although the lenses are absolutely superb.