I shoot both. Have an F, which, until last weekend, was an F Photomic FTn with F-36 motor drive. Received a DE-1 from BradleyK and removed the nameplate from said finder, then popped it onto my F. Yeah, it's not the original F eyelevel finder with the gothic "F" on the front, but, it does the job. I combine this camera with the Pocket Light Meter app on my iPhone and use it that way. If I need a motor driven F series body with a meter, I either take my F2AS or my F4 out. If I need to travel light, but want a pro-grade Nikon with me, then my F2A comes out to play. All of the aforementioned bodies have the P screen installed. I like my diagonal split-image. I frequently will hold my FM2n or my FT2 diagonally when focusing, so I can take advantage of that feature. I do recommend the addition of an AR-1 to the F. The shutter release placement is a little less comfortable when compared to a more modern camera, like an F2 or an F-1 (Nikon never called the F an "F1", btw)... The AR-1 does make it more comfortable to use, if you don't have a motor drive with the cordless battery pack attached to the camera.

You really can't go wrong with an F or an F2. One thing I have noticed about the late "Apollo" F bodies... It seems that most of them don't have a very positive feeling detent for the advance lever. All the all-metal advance lever F's do. My latest F seems to have the same feel as the early bodies, even though it's an "Apollo".

Price-wise, chrome bodies are plentiful and can be had for cheap. The black bodies, not so much. In 2009, I had a very nice chrome F FTn that I picked up for $50. Only issue it had was with the frame counter being off by one frame. Think the cap was misaligned. Everything else on the camera worked perfectly, including the FTn finder. I kinda wish I'd kept it around as an extra F. But, I think I must've found something I wanted more, so I purged it, while keeping my black beater F FTn "Apollo" that I had at the time (same camera that now belongs to 2F/2F, IIRC).